Improving literacy for kids in foster care through
access to books and reading assistance


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There are over 400,000 youth in foster care in the US, and over 40% have learning difficulties that start with early literacy challenges between ages 8-11 which then turns into a cycle of failure.

Nearly 50% of foster youth will not finish high school and only 20% will go to college. On leaving the foster system, almost 50% will have no earnings, nearly 40% will become homeless, and 25% will be arrested or jailed.

Research shows that access to books, and being read to help improve literacy. Books can also help deal with feelings of loss, and dislocation.


Our mission is to empower foster kids in their learning journey with access to books and literacy tools that raise reading levels.


Foster care kids struggle to read at age appropriate grade levels. Yet, reading has been shown to be the best predictor of education achievement and life success.

Education is often viewed as a low priority by caregivers of kids in foster care relative to other challenges in their life. A survey of these kids showed that there was little interest in their education, help with homework, or expectations to do well in school. Only 21% of urban and 5% of rural foster youth will have access to a computer at home.

The life consequences of failing at school are devastating for kids in foster care. Foster care then becomes a pipeline to homelessness, unemployment, under-education, and poverty, placing a strain on other social services.

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